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We believe in the power of the grind.
We believe in working hard.
We believe a clothing budget may be more crucial than a grocery budget.
We believe a hot pair of shoes can drastically change your night.
We believe in gifts: to yourself, to your friends, to your mom.
We believe in making a difference.
We believe in the ability of our minds.
We believe in all things glamour, fashion, and style.

So put on your lipstick. Let’s do this thing.

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Poking around the Internet this morning, I came across Glamour’s idea for 5 tricks to instantly transform yourself.

1. Scarf for a classic look.

2. Fringed bag for a celeb look.

3. Bright blazer for an upbeat look.

4. Leather dress for a trendy look.

5. Supremely smoky eyes for a sexy look. (See Beyonce)

Whoa…wonder what would happen if we put them all together.


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