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We believe in the power of the grind.
We believe in working hard.
We believe a clothing budget may be more crucial than a grocery budget.
We believe a hot pair of shoes can drastically change your night.
We believe in gifts: to yourself, to your friends, to your mom.
We believe in making a difference.
We believe in the ability of our minds.
We believe in all things glamour, fashion, and style.

So put on your lipstick. Let’s do this thing.

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Energy just not flowing these days? Before you ditch your day and crawl into the dark, cozy corner that is your bed, here are some tips that may work even better to get your energy up and have you ready to hustle. The more energy you have, the more motivated you’ll be to do things you know will make you feel better about yourself, whether it’s going to the gym or finishing your work in a more timely way.

1. Listen to music.

2. Flirt!

3. Drink tea, rather than coffee.

4.  Take a cold shower.

5.  Step outside.

6. Wear bright colors.

7. Smell a lemon. Yep, just smell one.

8. Take a “disco nap”—5 to 10 minutes max. (Sounds rough!)

9. Eat a piece of chocolate.

10. Hit a pressure point, like the one between your thumb and forefinger, for a few minutes.

Thanks, Marie Claire!

White leather. Gold industrial style grommettes. Chunky platform.

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If you’re already wondering how you’re going to reach your get glam/get healthy/weight loss goals, here’s a little Friday afternoon inspiration for you. Before you go all out indulging, remember your goals! You can’t accomplish anything without focus, drive, and determination. The less you drink on your night out tonight, the harder you can run tomorrow. The more people you share your goals with, the larger your network of support will be. The more you turn down good that is not fuel for your body, the stronger you become.

Both Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Osbourne were fairly heavily overweight just a short time ago. People lose weight by various routes all of the time, but the best part about these two celebs is that they did is completely healthily. Good food, consistent workouts, lots of water, vitamins—that’s IT!

You can do this. A glam life is a healthy life, first and foremost.

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